Meet our Team

Founder and Executive Director Emeritus

Frederica Warner


Robin Bello, Executive Director

Mary “Mae” Dorsey, Head Cook,

Frances DeRobertis, Assistant Cook

Clara Green, Assistant Cook

Diann Burks, Substitute Cook

Barbara Wimmer, Substitute Cook

Nancy Hines, Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors


Carole S. McDermott, President

Darlene Price, First Vice President & Secretary

Wilbur Higgins, Second Vice President

James M. Corsetti, Treasurer


John DeLessio

Anthony DeRienzo

Joseph Dirago

Sue Favoino

Linda Lewis-Burger

Marion Hawkins-Parker

Richard Mayfield

Betsy McCurdy

Mona Sodano

Joseph Rones, General Counsel

Martin Sheffield

Louis H. Smith

Richard Truocchio

Charles Venuto